4″ Gas-Powered Trash Pump

A four-inch trash pump is a heavy-duty water pump designed for efficiently moving large volumes of water and debris. It typically features a four-inch intake and discharge port, allowing it to handle substantial amounts of solids, such as leaves, branches, and small debris, making it ideal for dewatering construction sites, flood control, and industrial applications. These pumps are known for their robust construction, high flow rates, and the ability to handle dirty or muddy water with ease.

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Suction x Discharge 4 x 4 in
Max. Water Capacity 689 gpm
Max. Lift 25 ft
Max. Head 105 ft
Max. Pressure 45.5 psi
Max. Solid Intake 2 in
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.5 Gal
Overall Length 36 in
Overall Width 34.5 in
Overall Height 34.5 in
Operating Weight 358 lb


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